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    October 29, 2012
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past, you just have to shelter in place. you need to stay wherever you are. let me repeat that. you have to stay wherever you are, so don't call 9-1-1 unless it is a life-threatening emergency. you're not going to get better service and you're keeping others who may have a real life life-threatening emergency from getting service. stay off the roads. you're keeping emergency vehicles from helping people and it may be your family that needs the help. the same thing i've said before still goes. stay away from windows, close the drapes. if water is coming into your home, go to the highest area. it is very important that you follow these instructions. it could save your life or the life of a fellow new yorker. these are not games. we've said from the very beginning this is a once in a long time storm. the surge is very high. we expected it to be high. in fact, it's slightly higher than what was forecasted by those that talked about the
highest estimates. we have to get the emergency services to wear the where theye needed. that means we've got to know where the emergencies are. if you're clogging 9-1-1, we can't find that out. then we've got to get the personnel to where people really need help. if your car is blocking the roads, we can't do that. as to the current weather, the rain i'm happy to say has passed and moved to our west, so we don't anticipate anything more than a few showers from now on. in terms of the winds, they should go below gale force in the next few hours. they've already started to drop. as for the storm surge, a very big part of it will be over in the next couple of hours. the high tide was at roughly 8:15. it is now 10:00, and the next low tide is at 6 in the morning, so we're heading down, and you'll see a lot of roads that have currently flooded, the water will drain off. most new yorkers have followed our advice and the cooperation
we received really has been great, but not everyone has cooperated. by midnight tonight we expect the surge to recede and we'll be able to get to people who need the help. things have gotten tough, but we're going to get through this together. it's a city that always does. let me summarize for our spanish speakers in our audience. [ speaking spanish ] >> the message is one more time. don't call 9-1-1 unless it's a life-threatening emergency, and number two, don't go out and don't drive. you're blocking the emergency vehicles from getting where they want to go. por most of the people who stayed off the roads and
particularly awful those who got out of zone -- all of those who got out of zone a when we ordered everybody to get out, you made the right decision, and we're grateful for the cooperation, and we'll do everything we can go at th to gf the services we need to everybody and to get the city going. most of it i hope will come back during the day tomorrow. we're going to get through this the way we always do. thank you very much. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. tonight a monster storm sandy slamming the entire east coast. powerful winds and torrential rain turning dangerous and deadly. already at least five confirmed deaths in new york. one man was crushed to death when a tree fell on his house in queens. this mean storm made landfall two hours ago along the southern new jersey coast near atlantic city and starting its deadly journey up the coast, thrashing anything in her way. parts of lower manhattan in the dark. con edison deliberately shutting
off power to thousands to prevent further storm damage. storm sunga surge is reaching rd high levels. getting help is a nightmare. new york city's 9-1-1 system is overloaed. it's not just new york, though, and new jersey. in maryland sandy downing trees, leaving thousands and thousands without power. in delaware and new jersey, raging flood waters drenching and in some instances drowning coastal towns. 50 million people still in sandy's line of fire. the count at this hour is more than three million without power. thousands and thousands of those without power are in new york city, though. whipping winds and pounding rain creating treacherous conditions. in mid town a collapsed construction crane is dangling from a high rise. now, no one knows what is going to happen, but it is getting weaker and weaker and weaker. david lee miller is live in mid town. david? >> reporter: that's right, greta. there's a great deal of drama
here in mid town manhattan. over my shoulder on 57th street one of the major arteries, completely sealed off. high above, 70 stories above is a partial crane collapse. this is a building that is destined to be 90 stories tall. it cost about a billion and a half dollars. apartments here cost tens of millions of dollars. this crane was inspected as recently as friday, we're told. nevertheless, the high winds today paid a very heavy toll, and as you saw for yourself, there's a partial crane collapse, 57th street in new york completely sealed off. there is fear that the dangling portion of that crane could come tumbling down to the ground nearby apartments and offices have now been evacuated. the situation in mid town, though, as dire as it is, nowhere near as bad as lower manhattan. we just heard mayor bloomberg talk a moment ago. specifically south of 14th
street, battery park city, much of that underwater. i was there earlier today. we watched the promenade where people frequently take a walk in the evening, completely covered with water. some 10,000 people live in battery park city. it has now been designated zone a. that means mandatory evacuation. about a thousand to 1500 of the people who live there, though, decided that they were going to tough it out. they remained there. at this hour many of them do not have electricity, probably most of them do not, and without electricity, the elevators do not work in lower manhattan. also not working, we are told, the ability to pump water, so there are no toilets, no showers. lower manhattan in for a very difficult time the next few days. we are told that the water level in lower manhattan surged to as high as 14 feet. it broke a record, greta, but now there is some good news. we understand that the water is starting to recede, but indeed the damage is done.
a good portion of that water, we're told, has seeped into the subway system. there are now reports that new york city's subways could take as many as four days before they are up and running. also, one of the major tunnels is leaking water. that is also going to cause serious problems for commuters. in fact, at this hour, greta, we are told that the only major roadway in and out of manhattan which is an island is the lincoln tunnel. we're told that at this hour, that is open. all three major airports, jfk, la guardlaguardia, and newark ao completely shut down. in fact, there are reports that one of the runways at laguardia is partially submerged, partially underwater. take a look now down 8th avenue, new york city, normally bumper to bumper traffic even though it's 10:00 at night, a very busy street. you see only a handful of taxis, handful of cars, mainly
emergency vehicles. the authorities have told everyone to get off the streets. new york city is going to be in for a very tough next few days. in addition to the problem with the flooding and of course, the crane as i mentioned, just being outside on the street is extremely dangerous because there are still high winds and every few moments there's flying debris in the air. your chance of being hit, killed, seriously hurt, very great, and many new yorkers staying at home, a handful out in the street. you can take a look. we'll spin around again one more time. you see these people here. they're taking a look for themselves at the scene in mid town manhattan. >> greta: it appea that we've lost david lee miller. that's, of course, to be expected, the conditions under which everyone is reporting are absolutely horrendous.
it's worth noting as he described what's happening in new york. if you harken back to katrina, that very first night when people thought the storm had passed, what we thought the conditions were, when daylight came the next morning and we found out it was vastly different and much worse. we're hoping that we don't have that situation here in new york. we don't have levees in new york, but when daylight comes, we may be open for a rude awakening. as for thathat's dangling over the city, make no mistake about it. that is extremely serious. when you have a piece of metal like that hanging, think of a hanger and something called reverse bending fatigue. you keep bending it enough, and the wind bends it and bends it, just like with a hanger, back and forth, back and forth, it will eventually break. let's hope that is not going to happen here. that's a very dangerous situation, a very large crane. now to go to the very latest on sandy's path. meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center.
rick? >> i walked by that crane this morning on my way to work and i saw it. i thought how is that crane still up there when you've got winds at that height gusting to 90 to 100 miles per hour. those winds gustin gusting in to 80 mile an hour range. it's such a big concern. we often so much hear about where is the store going to come on shore. as meteorologists we say don't worry about where it comes on shore because that's not necessarily where the worst is going to be. let me back off here. i'll show you the maximum wind gusts from parts of connecticut to 85 miles an hour down toward tuckerton, new jersey, and the maximum is 94 miles an hour in eaton's neck. there's a ton of water funneled. winds gusting around 80 miles an hour in new york city. it's gone down just a little bit. we're down to 75 miles an hour, over hurricane force in newark.
what we're dealing with here is a storm that is circulating here across south jersey, but we've got the winds now coming out of the southeast here funneling all this water in towards the harbor. the tide peaked around an hour and 15 minutes ago, so the tide water is trying to recede, but you still have the wind pushing all this water here, so the water is not going to be able to really go anywhere. our next high tide cycle at 9:00 in the morning, we'll see another repeat of the wooding. we're not out of the woods here yet. that flooding probably won't be as bad as it is right now, but it will be another repeat of that. a lot of manhattan getting another inundation of that water. still, the rain,nd. ♪ moving inland, not just a coastal event. that's the worst of it. inland areas need to watch. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit as well. >> greta: how fast is this thing going. one of the dangers, of course, i compare it to katrina. its a very different storm. what was so painful is it just didn't leave, so all the roots
for all the trees got soaked and the wind pushed the trees over, knocked the power out, created all those problems. is this one moving? >> really, the pain in katrina was that those levees breached so that flood water didn't have anywhere to . there will be a lot oflooding happening, and it again w't have anywhere to go very quickly. itas moving faster. it slowed down and it's going to slow down here and kind of settle across parts of pennsylvania maybe towards northern virginia over the next 48 hours. that means we'll continue to see impacts, wind, rain, very heavy snow from this. it doesn't go away quickly, but it does begin to subvied. the winds will weaken a bit by tomorr morning. tomorrow afternoon. everybody across the area still seeing winds 50 to 60 miles an hour, and that will continue to cause power outages wic at this point i'm hearing is over three million so far across this entire region. greta? > >>re: rick, thank you. we'll bk to you in a little while. sandy is slamming
connecticut. tonight there are more evacuations. molly lion is live. >> reporter: the governor within the last hour urged all the shore line towns to be evacuated. he already urged evacuations earlier in the day, but this was a situation where he was very concerned about the tide coming in. he asked the police to go around to the shore line communities and get people out. we were urged to move our vehicles up the hill. to give you a perspective about how deep the water is coming up into these communities. it's dark out, but you can kind of tell. this is a piece of decking actually on a beach. you can't see the beach any more. it's already under the ocean here that's come up. a little fort up behind me there's actually a sea wall, a three or four foot high sea wall that the water has come over, across the street, and into this community here in new london, connecticut. the governor has also been urging people to stay home today for these obvious reasons. one of the most incredible things we saw when we were driving around and to report on the storm today were huge trees.
they were down on homes, they were taking out power lines, and that's part of the reason that there are 500,000 people in connecticut without power tonight. it is a tough slog to get things back up and running. these are massive trees, a lot of debris on the road. that's why the governor is urging people to stay off the streets, especially the highways. only essential people are allowed to be on the highways. let the emergency responders do their jobs. we've had a report of a deck thu-- of adeath thus far. it's a deadly storm but there's only one report so far. it's tough. there are a lot of people in shelters. one of the shelters actually had to be closed today because the generator failed. they moved ever everyone. they moved 60 people to another shilt. there are a lot of low -- to another shelter. there are a lot of lo logistical challenges. >> the challenges are just beginning. it's nighttime and we have no idea when this is over what
we'll see, especially when the sun comes up. thank you, molly. the state of maryland also getting smacked by sandy. tonight lots of people dealing with power outages and flooding. the problems are just beginning, so how bad are the conditions right now? maryland's governor martin o'malley joins us. good evening, governor. can you give me an assessment of your state's condition? >> sure, greta. right now it's kind of high tide and ocean city is really getting whipped by those big, big waves which are going over the boardwalk a bit there, but ocean city overall, the evacuation went well there. some of the bigger challenges we saw were inside the bay in somerset county tonight where we had a number of people that were stranded there as the waters came up in the tides of the bay. a number of them were evacuated. others are sheltering in place on the second floor of homes where the first floor is filled with water. what we're undergoing right now is for the next 12 hours, there's going to be that awful sound o of trees cracking as the heavy winds whip over maryland,
knocking down trees, knocking down power lines, and knocking out electricity to lots of citizens. right now we stand at 322,921 people that are without power, and i suspect that that number will climb up wards towards a million within the next few hours. >> greta: what about the chesapeake bay bridge which is the bridge that's so heavily traveled in your state? >> we had to close the chesapeake bay bridge earlier this evening around 8:00, so the bay bridge, we had to close. the key bridge up around the harbor in baltimore, we had to close that. we also had to close the tidings, i-95, because it became too treacherous with the wind conditions there. also a few other smaller bridges, and we have others under wind advisory. once the wind starts whipping up
a little more, we'll probably be closing all the bridges. >> greta: of course, early voting was supposed to start in your state. that did not happen today. is it happening tomorrow, governor? >> no. we had to cancel again tomorrow, greta. here's the good news, bad news on that. we're going to be able to make up one of those days for sure by scheduling an early vote day for friday, and how we make up that second day, i'm not yet sure, but the good enthusiastic is nef people ran out to vote on the first two days early. >> greta: governor, thank you. good luck, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: now back to the jersey shore where they're getting pummeled. wwor reporter is live in new jersey. joann? >> reporter: actually, greta, we're in web bank, new jersey. i'll tell you. the lights have been flickering on and off here. they've been off for most of the past two hours, red bank is a small community, about five miles from the coastline. we're still feeling the effects of hurricane sandy here.
it's dark around here, let me tell you that much. we're hearing what appears to be signs blowing around. that's why i've got my camera man, pat, and other people around here hopefully you'll tell us if something is coming our way, and what i meant was rich in the truck. here's the situation. we started out this evening, earlier this afternoon over in new jersey. runson sits a third of a mile away from the atlantic ocean, and what sits between that city and the ocean is a tidal river. the shrewsbury is navigable by boats. there were four foot waves on that river. the shrewsbury river and the atlantic ocean met in seabright today. tonight the deputy director of oem in seabright had to move all
the emergency operations out of that community because it is underwater. at high tide it was completely underwater. let me tell you about something else there that people started texting me, saying they heard a report that there was a car that went into the river, into the shreducshrewsbury river. apparently it was swept away by ocean flood waters into the river. when the call went into the county dispatch, there were reports that there were people inside that car. they've not been able to report that, but the deputy director of emergency management said that they did confirm the car went into the river. we are told in new jersey there are two confirmed storm-related deaths, apparently a car fell onto a tree up in morris county. so the situation here is lots of power outages throughout this peninsula area. obviously we're still dealing with high winds. the utility crews are on standby, but of course, they can't get to work until the winds subside, until th it's
daylight tomorrow. that's the latest from here, greta. > >> greta: thanks, joanne. be safe and take care of yourself. straight ahead, no one is out of the woods. the pounding wind and rain are not stopping soon. we'll take you to the hardest-hit places. our live storm coverage continues. do not go away ]. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. with efficient absorption in one daily dose. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink.
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>> greta: tonight flood waters are literally raging through coastal towns in delaware. parts of rehoboth beach are underwater. that's where kelly wright is. >> reporter: you can see the sign there, warning you about rip currents, breaking the grip of the rip. i should not be out here according to the safety rules but the governor saw fit that we could be here to report to you what's going on on this wonderful beach. the governor has said this is a time for hunkering down and staying put, and that makes good sense because we're expecting heavy coastal winds as well as some more flooding. you can look out and see the surf. it's still very angry, still churning up because of sandy's scorn. you have to describe sandy as being a sinister kind of storm, causing deaths along the east coast. fortunately nothing has happened here, but if you take a look down at the boardwalk, you cab n
see everything is closed. the governor ordered a manned tear evacuation from the beach. everybody had to be out by 8p.m. as i came into the area, everyone was leaving. the police were always on the job. they've been here throughout the day. remarkably as i walked down here, you can see that the power is still on. that's the fascinating thing about this, the power is still on. they've not been hit so hard. in fact, many people here are saying except for the wind damage as well as perhaps some property damage that may be determined in the morning and even some flooding along the coastal areas, everything else is pretty good. they feel they dodged a major portion of sandy which is expected to make landfall here and did in sussex county. the center hit 65 miles away from us on cape may. i must tell you that w you were talking to governor o'malley earlier about maryland, 25 miles away from us. that historic pier we know in
ocean city, maryland is wiped out. we're expecting winds all night long. we're going to do what the governor says, telling everybody to hunker down. greta, i have to tell you, the die hards, the beach goers, a couple of blocks down i ran into a couple that decided they were going to hunker down and stay here throughout the night. they were not afraid of storm. they felt they were following all the rules. they did not evacuate. heathey're here, safe and sound, happy to be talking today. we saw another person walking his dog along the beach before we came to you live about an hour ago, so that's the way it is here tonight. we're going to be giving you all of the updates as they develop. we'll talk to you about the shelters, a lot of shelters now open. shelters are even allowing their animals to be brought in because people were actually staying home because they think that the shelters did not have their animals, so that's really a good thing that the shelters have done here. they're allowing animals, animal lovers as well as children and families to come here as well. so for the most part, we've dodged a bullet here, but it's worse for our neighbors up
north. back to you. >> greta: indeed it is, especially in new york city. the more stories, kelly, we hear about what's happening in new york and a little fort south. good news for rehobothh beach, delaware. thanks. long island is getting slammed. we're going to long island live, plus you'll hear fo from a man o does the unthinkable. he's a hurricane hunter. he has throw flown through hurre sandy twice. an update from the hurricane center is coming up. tuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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now to the latest on sandy's vision path. we'll go back to meteorologist rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center. rick, i've been reading reports as far west as cleveland, gusts of winds 65 miles per hour, signs and trees down, power out. h is not just a if he non-no, nf those who live on the east coast. >> it's kind of the eastern half of the country ultimately that will be dealing with this. chicago will get very strong winds. they're going to see waves on lake michigan, 20 to 25 feet high. that's lake michigan. it has nothing to do with this storm, necessarily, that was over the ocean. it does have to do with it, but it's not in direct relation, at least in the short-term. all those arrows point, and you can see the center of it right across parts of southwest jersey. we still have winds coming into new york harbor, so that's going to make it difficult for those flood waters to recede in the
short-term. the good news is the high tide peaked about an hour and a half ago, so the water is trying to recede. it's coming down a little bit. the immediate flooding that's going on will get a little bit better, but the winds are still very, very strong, not as strong as they were. it's going to go down very slowly, so which th by the morns may be 15 to at the time miles lower than that. you look at the satellite imagery there and you've got clouds across illinois and wisconsin. it will continue to push off towards the east. that's rain, that's snow, just very strong circulation pulling down such cold air that we have a very strong snowstorm going on across parts of the central appalachians. look at how widespread. the coast is getting the storm surge and the bic impacts, but flooding concerns across parts of ohio, across virginia and into the carolinas, possibly. high wind warnings here, winds at 50 to 60 miles an hour that go all the way back across ohio and into the central appalachians, back towards the chicago area from this, and
because of that cold air, blizzard warnings are in effect. we're going to see drifts here probably seven or eight feet high and snowfall totals maybe four to five feet by the time this is done. very far-reaching impacts, greta, from the storm. right now the coast is under the gun, and having very dangerous potentially life threatening, a number of fatalities, and into the mid atlantic and the great lakes will deal with it and a lot of power out for a lot of people, maybe into the tens of millions by the time this is done. >> greta: it's so catastrophic because people are dying on the east coast. this storm is so unbelievably large, affecting so many people. it's absolutely extraordinary, how many people are experiencing this d tonight. rick, thank you. we'll get back to you. now, some say sandy is the perfect storm. most of us, though, have far less flattering descriptions of her. lieutenant colum colonel john tt
has flown through sandy twice. he joins us by phone. sir, before we get to the measurements that you've obtained going through sandy twice, what's the ride like going through a hurricane? >> good evening, greta. flying through a hurricane is kind of an interesting thing. sometimes it can be nasty, sometimes it can be uneventful, and with sandy, the majority of flights have been relatively uneventful. the last few days, sandy back an exciting storm to fly through. >> greta: what do yo do you meay uneventful? pilots say things are uneventful and those of us in the back of the plane are green. >> what i mean is we didn't experience a whole heck of a lot of turbulence or really bad stuff in the airplane. for the most part, it's been a very exciting storm to fly. we're very proud to provide the information and help the warning situation out for the northeast. >> greta: what did you learn that was helpful to the rest of us? >> well, when we flew through sandy on friday, we already
noticed that it was starting to become a hybrid type system, and the winds and increased, at least the strong winds increased several hundred miles from the storm center. that continued throughout the last couple of days. >> greta: and in terms of -- i mean, can you compare that hurricane to any sort of other landmark hurricanes that you've flown through that we might know? >> exactly. it was very similar to hurricane irene last summer where the winds expanded several hundred miles out from the center of the storm. in a typical hurricane, most of the strong winds are near the core of the hurricane. in this case, obviously the strong winds were hundreds and hundreds of miles out from the center. that is very similar to hurricane irene last year. >> greta: do you fly straight through it? i imagine it's a rough ride and when you get to the eye of the storm it's calm. is that not what happens? >> well, we fly at 10,000 feet, and the idea is to go right through the center of the hurricane so you can measure the core of the storm, and then also measure the winds on the
periphery of the storm, so it normally gets very rough right near the center and then typically out away from the center when the winds lighten up, it's not so bad any more, and in this case, for hurricane irene, at least on friday, the strong winds were well out from the center, and we had some really nasty stuff to go through on the north side of the storm, probably 105, 110 miles north of the center. >> greta: what kind of aircraft do you fly through that? >> we use a wc-130j. ourselves and noaa, they use p3-orion, so they're turbo prop type aircraft. a lot of people ask us why don't you use jets? typically jets tend to fly a little bit too fast, and we want to go slow to reduce the majority of the turbulence as much as possible. >> greta: colonel, thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> >> greta: coming up, some people choosing not to evacuate oceanfront homes. what are they dealing with tonight? we'll find out next in our live coverage of this monster storm.
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>> greta: mega storm sandy making landfall near atlantic city, new jersey. reporter is live in atlantic city. dave? >> reporter: greta, we have like the pinwheel effect, they call it. this is the back end of the storm, still blowing through atlantic city, still heavy winds here, 40 to 50 to 60 miles an hour gusts. excuse me. we'll show you a little shot here. brian, my camera man, will pan off. this looks like it could be the bay or a river or a creek or whatever. this is a parking lot at resorts hotel which is full of about a foot to two feet of water. it's been like this all day long. we've got white caps in the parking lot right there. it's been crazy with the flooding down here. all evening all of the roadways north and south and east and
west of this barrier island are underwater, about a foot to a foot and a half. we have the national guard troops, police, and authorities working their way around in four-wheel drive vehicles, rack trucks, big heavy duty trucks, front end loaders carrying firefighters in and out of the city. we had an actual rescue on camera here in atlantic city around 5:30 tonight. a young man and three of his children and his mom stuck in their home. the water came up as the storm hit here around 5 or 5:30, and literally surrounded his home. he had not gotten out. he had not heeded the warnings to get out and evacuate from atlantic city, and he had to be rescued by a good samaritan in a pickup truck who literally drove him out of the flooding. the storm hit here around 6:00 tonight. we had high tide at 8:00. the water has come up on both episodes from the bay side -- ends from the bay side to the ocean side. we were on the boardwalk when the storm came through. we had the eye of the storm for about an hour, totally calm, no
rain, no wind. now it's back. they call this the pinwheel effect. that's what we're experiencing now, flooding all over the island. the casinos emptied around 4:00 yesterday. mandatory evacuations. the only problem we haven't seen down here tonight is widespread power outages. you can see many of the casinos lit up up and down the boardwalk. sand bags all over the place, boarded up. there's some water damage in some of the casinos. they'll have to evaluate that overnight before deciding whether to reopen again up and down the coast here in south jersey along the jersey shore. avalon, all the way to cape may, serious flooding in the back bay areas. the ocean water right in the center of many of these towns and massive flooding here. we'll have to take days, if not weeks, to clean up here and deal with the damage. greta, back to you.
>> greta: dave, don't go away. i want to ask you. have you heard from any colleagues down in cape may, new jersey because cape may, new jersey is all those big homes that are beautiful historic homes along that beach. have you heard anything? >> reporter: we have. in fact, our jeff coal from fox 29 here in philadelphia has been down there all day at congress hall. you may be familiar with that. that's a big hotel right off the beach there. lots of flooding down there also, and in the back bay area some of those big homes along the bay area suffered some damage, i'm sure, from water. the winds have been somewhere between 50 and 80 miles per hour all day long. got up as high as around 90 around 6:00 tonight when the storm set in. i've not seen enough damage or been able to move around to see the damage to those homes because there's a lot of water in the streets. can't drive the trucks down through those areas. a lot of folks rescued earlier today. i believe here in atlantic city they had as many as 500 phone calls placed in this region for people who needed assistance
getting out of their homes. if you didn't get out early, the governor of the state of new jersey, the mayor, and others down here told you to move to higher ground in your house, second and third floor, and just wait it out. they will not be able to get to you until tomorrow morning. >> greta: dave, thank very much. at this hour, flood waters raging through towns up and down the atlantic seaboard. sandy slamming into maryland's coast, leaving parts of ocean city, maryland underwater. frank is riding out the storm in a waterfront condo in ocean city. he joins us by phone. good evening. tell me, frank. tell me what you saw when i looked out your window. >> hey, greta. how are you? it was an interesting day today. it's calmed down a bit now, starting probably about 2:30, 3:00, it really picked up, and at wind was raging, and the ocean has just been out of control all day. >> greta: were you frightened at all? >> no, no.
i wasn't frightened. i've spent summers here my whole life growing up, and i'm sort of an amateur storm chaser, i guess you could say. any time there's a big one, i usually like to make it out here and watch. >> greta: you have a condo. what floor are you on? >> i'm on the second floor. if i was on the first floor ocean front, i probably would have hesitated, but i know nothing's going to happen here. it's the north shore on the second floor. it's a three-story condo. >> greta: how far did the water come up off the usual beach there? >> well, you know, the beach is a good 100 or 200 yards deep, and the water came all the way up to the dunes, and you know, maybe 15 or 20 feet up into the dunes. they built them up in years past, and the water did come through the walkways, the beach access points where people walk through, and it pulled down below our building and some of the neighbors' buildings, but it didn't breach over the top of the top part. >> greta: all right. new york, you may have heard, has almost a catastrophic
situation going on there. it's sort of hard to assess the damage there. >> right. >> greta: and some of the other areas. are you satisfied that the water came up far on the beach where you are but that it's unlikly anyone got hurt where you are? >> yeah. i mean, where i am is in a good location, but southern ocean city got really pounded. i mean, the historic pier was torn down, the bay side flooded. i know right across the street from where i am on the bay side, they evacuated communities there, so i mean, despite me doing fine where i am, ocean city got really crushed hard. >> greta: and how far is that pier from where your condo is, so we have some idea? >> i'm on 129th street. it's all the way down by first street, so it's a good ways. matter of fact, they're not letting anyone drive south of 62 bed street which is a few miles away. all the bridges in and out are closed now, so even if it was calm and you wanted to leave, you can't.
>> greta: so it depends enormously on where you are and how it's built up around you. anyway, frank, thank you. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> greta: frank is not the only one. up next you'll hear from a woman who says she's not going anywhere. she's riding out the storm on the jersey shore. what's going to happen to her? while find out. that's next. just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
>> greta: this monster storm sandy is forcing evacuations up and down the east coast, but not everyone is taking the orders to leave. mary walters is riding out the store in new jersey. she joins us by phone. mary, why wouldn't you leave? >> well, we wanted to be here to be able to keep the sump pumps going in case we flooded, and we're really, really, really glad we stayed because boy, it's a mess. >> greta: it could have been the other way. it could have been a very dangerous mistake to stay, right? >> it could have, but you know, the town -- we go through this all the time. it's a beach community. none of my neighbors evacuated. i don't know anyone who left, so people have a tendency to stay. we're used to a certain amount of flooding, and we actually had no water in the house until the sewers backed up. so i'm really glad we were here
to keep the sump pump goings. that would have been a disaster if we weren't here. i'm really glad about that. it's a lot worse than we thought it was going to be, i'll admit. we went around and walked around outside so i could tell you what it was like. we found someone's deck in our front yard and someone's furniture is in our front yard, so the waves came through somebody's house and their furniture is all smashed up in our front yard, so somebody got it a lot worse than we did. >> greta: tell me what it was like when you were there and the storm had just begun to hit. >> you know, it kind of hit slowly. the winds went up, 2:30 we lost everything, power, cable, and then at 5:00 we were sitting here and we could see the waves start to breach the sea wall. by 6:00 the ocean was in our front yards and the winds were really -- i don't know if they hit hurricane force or not, but it was really windy.
by 6:30 or 7 we had three feet of water. we had waves going around our house. >> greta: at that point, 6:37 p.m. when you had waves going around your house and the ocean was in your front yard at 6:00, were you frightened? >> no. you know what? i live in a 130-year-old home. this old girl has seen way worse storms than this, and she survived, and we kept checking the basement. we had no water in the basement. if it weren't for the sewers backing up, we might have made it through this with some water seeping up from the ground. we might have made it through dry. >> greta: mary, you're very lucky, and i hope you can dry out your front yard and return the broken up furniture to whomever it belongs. thank you, mary. > >> greta: thank you. the storm is not stopping, and it's certainly having absolutely no mercy. do not go away. we have another hour of "on the record" as we cover this breaking news story. we're standing by for a brand new advisory on sandy's path. yeel get thayou'll get that in a moment. we have more live reports, and
you'll hear hour sandy is disrupting the entire nation. you may not live on the east coast and may not be ducking wind and rain now, but this catastrophic storm is creating problems across the entire nation. that means you. we're going to tell you what to expect. that's all next. stay with us. we'll be right back. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. >>. >> does. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national.
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